A practical and accessible way to learn pronunciation

We created EZwurd from personal teaching and tutoring experience. Many of our students struggled through Spanish pronunciation, so we developed this method to help them see words in a new way.

How we can help

  • In the classroom - If you’re struggling with oral exams or presentations in the Spanish classroom because you can’t seem to remember how to pronounce anything even with tools like the phonetic alphabet. We want to provide a little boost in the GPA department.
  • Language is your passion - Passion or no passion, we are striving to make Spanish pronunciation approachable and accessible to learners of all interest levels.
  • When you are traveling - Trying to tell the taxi driver the name of your hotel but you’re not being understood? It might just be because of your pronunciation!
  • You just want to learn how to pronounce words in Spanish with an American accent.

Our goal

Our goal is to help you be understood in another language. You won’t sound like a native speaker with our method, there’s no online shortcut for that, but you will sound far better if you say “moo. hair” than if you butcher the word mujer by saying something like “muh. jurr”.


Send us your feedback. We're always looking to improve our service.